Non Fiction

The Power of Events

One woman’s powerful journey to becoming an event planner...  

The Power of Events is the story of how Alicia Riley started her career in event planning, what she has experienced as a result of this and how she manages her business. She also shares her personal self-care program that sustains her and helps keep her focused. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play and wherever books are sold.

Remember Me

What is the truth of a family?

This is the unfolding story of Peter Stipe’s great-grandparents, Oscar and Maggie McMurray. When Peter discovers heirlooms and old books that contain clues to the truth about the McMurray’s, his curiosity is piqued. As he researches his family history, the stories his mother told him begin to unravel. Who were Oscar and Maggie? How did their story get lost? Why was it changed? What is the truth about this, or any other family story? 


What is Real: An Exploraton of Mysticism

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What is Real Part 2: Exploring Mystical Worlds

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Staging Your Home: Tips to Help You Sell Faster

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Ready to Rent: Tips for Owning and Managing a Successful Rental Property

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